Huntfun Virtual Treasure hunt Features!

We are all extremely excited here at huntfun, as we have been working on a brand new version for our GPS treasure hunts that includes lots of great extra features, and this new version has now been released!

Some of the new features include;

  • - Brand new map design
  • - Virtual Weapons & Defence options
  • - Ability to see on the map where the other teams are located
  • - New fresh design and layout

In the image below, you can see a preview shot of our new design features, new map, new questions layout and also the stylish scoreboard.

GPS treasure hunt spy mission

We have integrated these really fun landing pages, each one would be themed as to our current themes; spy mission, pirates ahoy, 80's retro, sport, christmas etc.

GPS treasure hunt spy mission

To all of you scallywags out there, we have designed and created a special map for our pirate themed GPS treasure hunts. You can also see the pirate themed landing page alongside it.

GPS treasure hunt spy mission

My favourite new feature! Here is a preview to our new and exciting Virtual weapons feature. There are two different types available and to the peace keepers, weapons are an optional feature. The two choices include pistols and bullet proof vests, or custard pies and umbrella's.

With the virtual weapons feature, there are three attacks and three defence icons available per team throughout your treasure hunt. As teams cannot have more than 1 attack and 1 defence at a time, this calls for strategic planning and team work! When you have reached an attack or defence, simply click on the icon to make it ’live’. Once live, your weapon and/ or defence will appear in your weapons status area, and you are ready to hunt down opposing teams along the way! If you are armed with an attack, you have a 50 metre firing radius which moves with you as you move. You can click on other team icons within this radius, and choose to attack them. If your attack on the opposing team is successful, you will gain an extra 100 points, and the opposing team will lose 50 points! However, if the opposing team have collected a defence, you will be awarded 50 points, and although the opposing team will not lose any points, they will lose their defence.

GPS treasure hunt spy mission

GPS treasure hunt spy mission

Our new GPS treasure hunt features are now available to order!

If you have any enquiries, feel free to get in touch with us at

Posted 1st February 2017, by Emily