Brand New- Anywhere Hunts!


Huntfun proudly presents Infinite adventures ANYWHERE! With our new Anywhere GPS treasure hunts, you have the power! Using our interactive map tool creating your own treasure hunt is as easy as dragging and dropping. Choose 20 to 30 different clue locations and any one of our trivia themes and you are ready to create your very own custom hunt literally ANYWHERE!

From a quick trip round the park or down to the shops, right to the way up to a race around the world! The only limit is your imagination! Set your teams free! From our existing locations if you can't find the hunt you are looking for, or have a particular location in mind. Simply use our Map Tool to create your very own Virtual Treasure Hunt from scratch! Drag and drop the clue locations to where you would like your teams to find them. As soon as you are happy with your route we will generate your hunt ready for you and your teams to go out and get treasure hunting on your smartphones.

Anywhere hunts start from just 9.00 per person, same price as our regular GPS hunts. Fancy a treat for the family? Something special for your conference? A night out at all your favourite spots with your friends?

Write to us at for more information or place your order online.

Posted 12th Dec 2017, by Peter