Christmas Around the World!

Around the world christmas indoor treasure hunt Image Credit Coffee Geek. Coffee Geek Blog.

November has begun, Halloween has gone and fireworks have faded. The clocks have changed, the days are dark and you may already have had to use your windscreen scraper... Winter is here and now everyone's thoughts are pulled towards the holidays. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next treasure hunter, but bounding around searching for clues in the cold and dark? Where you could be nice and warm inside by the fire, sipping on hot coco? There must be a better way.

And now there is! Huntfun are proud to launch our 'Christmas Around the World' Indoor Treasure Hunt.
After our Around the World adventure launched a few months ago we have been sending out our Huntfun Henchmen to set up new clues in some of the farthest reaches of the globe, and now, just in time for your Christmas party we have unlocked a brand-new Lapland area for you all to explore from the comfort of your own cuddly couch.

With brand new christmas questions and challenges, you can challenge your family and friends, colleagues and coworkers to a test of wits that spans the globe. Find out who is Naughty or nice with the brand-new Christmas Around the World Hunt!

Around the world christmas indoor treasure hunt

Our Around the World treasure hunts are available to purchase via our website. Click here for further details.

Posted 2nd November 2017, by Peter