Make the most of the Snow Day!

Off School or Work with the cold snap?

Blocked up roads, terrible traffic and turmoil with the weather? It's easy to see the downside, but try looking at the positives!

Make the most of the Day and take a stroll out in the crisp cold air, Make a mini adventure with our Treasure Hunts.

Isn't it amazing how different everything looks with a layer of snow? Fancy taking a fresh look around? Put on your very warmest coat and boots, wrap up warm and take in the winter wonderland around you, uncovering new sights and history right on your doorstep. Who knows, you might even have time for a snowball fight. Then back home with a hot drink for a job well done!

Huntfun Treasure Hunts Winter Fun

100's of locations to choose from Click here for further details.

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Posted 28/02/2018, by Peter