How to run your Hunt.

Looking to run a treasure hunt for Colleagues, Friends or Family? - Follow our simple guide!

First things first you check out Huntfun for all of our different treasure hunt options and locations.
We have hundreds of locations available and we offer two main types of hunt, our Classic Paper Hunt and our GPS Treasure Hunt.

The Classic Paper Hunt will have your teams following the map and walking directions in our Huntfun Booklets to uncover the answers to cryptic clues, the answers to which can be found hidden in plain sight on plaques, statues, architecture and signs. We also have scavenger hunt tasks to complete, locating objects and taking photos for extra points. Find out more about our Classic Paper Hunts Here

Treasure Hunt Fun Group Activity

Our GPS Hunts work as an Interactive map on your smartphone which your teams can use to navigate to each of the hidden clue locations, at each spot there will be a question or task to complete. The questions will either be based on the location itself or the theme of your Treasure Hunt, our current themes include Spy Mission, Pirates Ahoy, 80's Retro, Sports Challenge and Magic Spells. Find out more about our GPS Hunts Here

GPS Treasure Hunt Fun Group Activity

Once you have ordered and received your hunt (by post or email) you are most of the way there! There are just a few things left to consider:

Choose where to start your Treasure Hunt.
The majority of our Classic Paper Hunts are circular, a few are point to point. If circular you can choose to start and finish at the location advised at the beginning of the hunt booklet or start at a clue near to a venue where you are setting off from, or where you want to finish. If using a different starting point, when you reach the last clue in the booklet, continue to clue one and carry on until you return to where you started. You can check out the route of your Hunt on our website.

If you are using one of our GPS Treasure Hunts there is no fixed start or end location at all, each hunt will have a default location listed, but you can change this to anywhere you like. The GPS Hunts are set around the City Centre of your chosen location and you can arrange for your teams to go from and end anywhere you like in that area. If you would like to have your hunt begin and end from a specific start and ending location send a quick email to us at Huntfun and we will try and re-arrange some of the hunt questions to fit your needs.

For our Classic Paper Hunt each team will need a set of clues including directions and the map. We recommend the size of each team should be no less than 3 and up to about 5. It is a good idea to let the teams leave the starting point at say 2 or 3 minute intervals otherwise everyone will spot the answers as they are found by other teams.

With the GPS Hunts, we recommend team sizes of 3-5 people and only one person in each team needs to have the hunt running on their phone. You can set all of your teams off at the same time as there is no fixed route teams will naturally scatter and spread out to solve as many questions as they can in the time allowed.

Extra Tasks.
Within our Group Classic Paper Hunts you will find a list of extra tasks which give your teams a chance to achieve bonus points. These are designed to be generic and should be 'do-able' in most locations. It's your decision if choose to include them, you may decide to only include some, or to make up some of your own too (these could be added to a separate sheet and a copy given to each team). Do check the extra tasks before sending the teams off as it may mean they need extra items with them such as paper, crayons, camera and money.

Marking the answers.
For our Classic Paper Hunts there are basically 2 ways of doing this :
- Designate someone to mark the answers for all the teams. It may be a good idea to mark the extra tasks like this even if you choose to use the alternative method for the clues.
- Get the teams to swap booklets, so that no one is marking their own answers and then read out the answers one by one. (Be prepared to settle arguments on the spot. You would be surprised how competitive people are!) Your word is final!
- If more than one team has the same highest mark and you need to decide on a winner. You can award the prize to the team with the most inventive team name? If you do not wish to make the decision on this, put it to a vote. Ask for a show of hands from all the participants.

In the case of our GPS Hunts our program marks the answers given as the teams go on, leaving you free to enjoy the Hunt. You can choose to be more hands on and actively moderate the scores throughout the hunt using the scores tab on your organisers page, you can see the answers that your teams have submitted and alter the number of points awarded.

Prizes & Certificates.
The first rule is that you don't HAVE to have prizes and if you do that they do not have to be expensive. How many prizes you award is up to you. You could award prizes to the winning team, runners up and have a booby prize for the team that have the lowest score. It's up to you. You can also visit the MEMBERS area on our website and personalise and print 'WINNER' and Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum huntfun certificates.

GPS Treasure Hunt Fun Group Activity

Last of all, have a great time! We wish you and your teams the best of luck on your hunt and of course if you have any other questions or queries, or would like to know how to customise your hunt for your special occasion, please don't hesitate to be in touch with us at

Posted 11th September, 2018, by Peter