Keeping your Hunts up to Date.

Ever wonder how Huntfun keeps your treasure hunts up to date?

Being a full time Treasure Hunter has to be one of the best jobs, at Huntfun we have a crack team of Treasure Hunters who work all year round keeping your Treasure Hunts up to date so that when you go out with your teams of friends, family and colleagues you have the best time.

Would it surprise you to learn that every one of our 230+ locations is surveyed in person? Our Huntfun team will travel the length and breadth of the country every three years as standard, more often if we receive feedback from one of you eagle eyed hunters! We travel all over the country calling into every one of our hunts to find the answer to every single question we set (that is around 7000 questions!) just the same way you would.

Locations UK Treasure Hunt

Armed with a copy of the Hunt and a Camera we take fresh pictures of the answers for our online answers gallery (accessible in the Members section of our site), Each picture has a GPS location tag on them for reference. We then review the hunt for the quality of the walking directions, accessibility, clarity of the questions, accuracy of information and update the hunt for any changes that we have discovered! Newly updated hunts are then immediately available on our site, it is always a good idea to grab the most up to date version of our hunts.

treasure hunters survey
Our Fearless Team of Treasure Hunters in the field.

If you think you have discovered an update for our hunts, we encourage all feedback, Please email us at or call us at 01904 410975 and we can hopefully use your feedback to improve the experiences of others taking our treasure hunts!

Posted 21st Aug, 2018, by Peter