Spring is Coming!

Treasure Hunts spring

Depending on your definition, spring begins either on the 1st March (meteorological spring) or on the 20th March (astronomical spring). Whichever date you decide on we are all glad to see the winter months fade away and the return of bright sunlight, flowers, spring lambs and a new treasure hunting season!

With the lengthening of the days you can expect many more hours of daylight to enjoy outdoor walking, adventures and exploring. You and your team, your family or your chosen family can forget about the winter woollies and throw off the winter blues with fresh air and exercise.

With our treasure hunts we love to draw your attention to many things that you would ordinarily walk straight past, so below we have a special springtime scavenger hunt which can be played alongside our regular hunt to enjoy the best of spring! See how many you can spy on your route and add up the extra points you get from seeing flowers, insects, animals and all the joys of spring!

Treasure Hunts spring

We have both printed and downloadable family treasure hunts available, over 200 locations to choose from. Click here for further details.

Posted 19th March 2019, by Peter