Brand New 'Around The World' Indoor Hunt!

Welcome to a new adventure in Treasure Hunting! We at Huntfun have created a new way for you and your party to hunt across the whole surface of the globe, from the comfort of your own chair! When the skies are dark and the rain falls with no end in sight you can set sail to the sunny beaches of the Caribbean using our new Around the World indoor hunt.
Around The World is an Indoor Team Building Exercise, Using smartphone technology teams can compete to be the best with effortless organisation, suitable for an unlimited group size and for any size of venue, all you need is a few sheets of paper and you and your team captains can take on the world using their smartphones.

Amazing new features include;

  • - International Locations
  • - Interactive Scoreboard
  • - New Team Challenges
  • - Independent of the weather
  • - Effortless Organisation

Now you can use your Huntfun devices to do the travelling for you! Your mission begins with a map of the whole world and from there your teams can explore anywhere from the US to Australia at the touch of the screen, as they explore new countries they can solve the puzzles left behind by our Huntfun Henchmen and earn points!
And best of all, there is no chance of getting wet!

As your teams earn points they can check out our live scoreboard to see how they are doing! At the end don't forget you can come back to the Huntfun website to generate your own certificates and award your winners
Around the world also features brand new team challenges that will push your group to work their creative muscles and minds to score points and out compete the opposition, providing lots of fun and good photo opportunities.

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Posted 22nd July 2017, by Peter