Huntfun is a Children's University Learning Destination

Put on your adventure boots and get ready to go Treasure Hunting!

Have a day out with the family and gain two hours accredited learning at the same time. Purchase one of our Paper Treasure Hunt, which include an easy to follow map, walking directions and clues to answer. Answers to the clues can be found high and low on buildings, statues, plaques and signs in your chosen location.

Discovering new places, our hunts take you past many local attractions and places of interest, opening your eyes to so many other things you would ordinarily just walk straight past!

You can run your Treasure Hunt at any time, all the clues can be found in public spaces unaffected by opening times. Excellent for all ages and the whole family whilst gaining those valuable two hours accredited learning for your passport.

Children's University Learning Stickers are sent with each booklet, should you wish to buy one of our downloadable hunts, Children's University Learning Stickers are provided as a pdf file with your email invoice/receipt.

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100's of locations to choose from Click here for further details.

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Posted 10/02/2018, by Jayne