Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fun
Halloween is a spooktacular time of year that children and even adults get excited about. An ideal time to dress up in your spooky costumes or create your pumpkin sculptures.

At Huntfun we have our Halloween GPS treasure hunt available for Families, Friends and even Corporate Groups.

In our fun spooky Halloween hunt, teams will be locating and solving clues and completing fun tasks with a Halloween twist. Don't be too spooked and have your wits about you, correct answers and completed tasks will earn 'Treats' but get them wrong and get no points 'Trick'.

Example Questions/Challenges

1. Get each team member to create their most terrifying face and take a photograph of each one.

2. What would you traditionally bob for at a Halloween party?

3. Winnie witch needs a pair of matching gloves. The drawer has 5 pairs of green, 4 pairs of black and 2 pairs of purple. She can't see the colour as it is dark. How many gloves does she need to take to make sure she has a matching pair?

Our Halloween Hunts are available in over 100 locations Click here for further details or if you want a Halloween GPS hunt in your local area why not buy one of our Anywhere Hunts Click here for further details

Email us at info@huntfun.co.uk for more information.

Posted 18/10/2018, by Jayne