Our Hen Party Treasure Hunt Experience with Huntfun

We are all very excited to have a guest blogger sharing their experience of a recent GPS treasure hunt for a hen party in Bath! The following blog post has been written by Kim of The Wedding Community

If you are looking for something a bit different for your hen or stag party then a Hunt Fun treasure hunt is a really fun daytime activity.

I recently organised my sister's hen weekend in Bath. There was a group of ten of us, and some girls knew each other and some had never met before. I wanted to find an activity for the Saturday daytime that would be fun, different, would have everyone involved and that no one would have done on a hen party before. We could have gone for a soak in Bath Spa, but I had other plans.

Whilst searching for fun activities in Bath, I came across Hunt Fun, who organise treasure hunts across the county. To be honest, I did wonder if the girls would want to walk around Bath with a map and clipboard. However, Hunt Fun is different to the traditional treasure hunts you might be picturing right now.

walking gps treasure hunt

GPS Treasure Hunts

Hunt Fun offers GPS treasure hunts in over 200 cities and towns across the UK. There are many different themes you can choose from; hen or stag, 80's retro, sport, spies and more. The questions are then tailored for your event and city.

We chose the hen party treasure hunt theme. As well as general knowledge questions we had questions about celebrity couples, and even had to find something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

As the hunt is on GPS it's fully interactive, so you use your phone or tablet instead of a clipboard.

GPS treasure hunt spy mission

Each team logs into the account created for your event. All teams have the same questions dotted around the city/town so you can go off in any direction to find them. The questions are marked on the map in little circles, and if you want to play with a 'winning' strategy (this activity really showed who the competitive ones are!) there are different coloured circles, each with different point scores (i.e. the gold ones are worth more points than the bronze ones). During the hunt there are also some 'selfie' questions where you have to take a selfie as your answer.

Virtual Weapons and Armour

The best thing about the Hunt Fun treasure hunts is that along the way you can collect virtual weapons! Yep, weapons! We had to find custard pies as our weapons and umbrellas as our defence. Along the way you can see where the other team are on your map, and if you have a custard pie and the other team are within 50 meters of you, you can throw your pie at them and take away some of their points, gaining more for your own team. If you have an umbrella you can protect yourself. You will still lose some points, but not as many as you would if you didn't have your armour.

GPS treasure hunt

Imagine 10 ladies running around Bath trying to get custard pies and then tactically trying to find the other team to 'pie' them?! It was such fun.

See the Sights

We chose the standard hen party treasure hunt for Bath. It takes you past many local attractions, including Bath Abbey, Bath Postal Museum, The Royal Mineral Water Hospital, The Jane Austen Centre, The Theatre Royal, The Roman Baths and Pump Room. This opens your eyes to so many things you would ordinarily walk straight past. It's great for spotting all the bars and restaurants around too.

Hunt Fun also offers managed and bespoke options, which can include hunt routes or themes written for you, extra scavenger tasks specific to your needs, and one of the Hunt Fun team attending on the day to run the whole event for you.

A Hunt Fun GPS stag and hen party treasure hunt includes:
  • -Themed clues to answer and fun challenges to complete
  • -A real-time scoreboard, so you can see how you and all the other teams are doing at any time
  • -Optional pub / cafe stops as questions, so you can either answer the questions or pop in for a quick shot on the way!
  • -Choice of hunting time (1 hour, 1 1/2 hours, 2 hours)
  • -NEW FEATURE: Optional weapons and defence - highly recommended as this was great fun

One thing I would say is that depending on your phone the GPS sometimes takes a little while to get its bearings (especially if you're running), but that wasn't a problem.

I can't recommend Hunt Fun enough. The whole activity was so well organised right from my first conversation to the actual hunt on the day.

The GPS Hunt Fun treasure hunt costs from 9 per person for a group of 6 or more.

You can find out more about Hunt Fun on their website www.huntfun.co.uk

Posted 16th March 2017, by Emily