National Childrens Day Uk 2018

NCDUK2018 is happening soon! - Sunday May 13th 2018

National Childrens Day

Now in it's fifth year, National Children's Day UK (NCDUK) is all about the importance of having a healthy childhood and how we need to protect the rights and freedoms of kids in order to ensure that they can all can grow up to be happy, healthy adults. From small family outings, to school-run events, community get togethers and city-wide celebrations, it's a time when everybody can help raise awareness about the work of great local organisations and projects and the things that they care or are concerned about.

Why not plan a family activity for the day, with no mobile phones or tablets. Our Family and Friends Treasure Hunts are just the thing to get you all out and about in the fresh air. The hunts take up to 2 hours to complete, you can even stop and visit any of the attractions you may pass or have lunch or maybe a picnic, you can quite easily make it into a half or full day of activities.

Each booklet comes with a easy to follow map and directions, answers to the clues can be found on plaques, statues and buildings, there's no need to book, all our hunts are available to carry out on any day and at any time and at your leisure. Just place your order on our website prior to your days activity, Printed booklets are sent out by 1st class post or if you are wishing to do a hunt at short notice you can purchase a downloadable hunt and print off at home.

As well as our Family and Friends hunts we also provide packs for Schools and Youth Organisations these are perfect for a large group activity allowing the children to work together in teams and learn at the same time.

Plenty of locations to choose from Click here for further details.

or Email us at for more information.

Posted 4th May, 2018, by Jayne