5 Ways Huntfun Can Help With New Year Resolutions...

  • 1. Get More Exercise
    A standard treasure hunt takes a leisurely 2 hours to complete, and we offer over 230 different locations! Why not dedicate just 1 day per month to walking one of our routes, and get plenty of exercise at the same time!

  • 2. Precious Family Time
    Our treasure hunts not only give you plenty of exercise, but they also get you working together as a family to find the answers! Answers to questions are found in the nearby surroundings, and it takes good family team work to search them all out.

  • family activity time

  • 3. Want to Experience Somewhere New?
    Time flies quickly and it is important to set personal goals if you want to achieve personal growth in life. If one of those goals is to experience new things, visit a new town/ city or simply to do something different... we may be able to help!
    With over 230 different locations in the UK and some parts of Europe, we have plenty of potential new destinations for you to discover. Huntfun treasure hunts are based in a city/ town centre, and more often than not they take you on a circular route. They are a perfect way to introduce you to an area, locate key landmarks, try out new activities and to sample the delights of new cafes, restaurants etc. You are sure to do something new and different each time!

  • 4. What To Spend More Time Outside?
    It is easy to get tied up in your usual routine, perhaps you spend alot of time inside with working, children are inside quite a bit at school, especially at this time of year it can be difficult to motivate yourself to step outside at all! Some people can tend to get a little down with the "Winter blues" at this time of year, and a big factor for this is the lack of sunlight we all experience at this time. Sunlight gives us Vitamin D, helps with our immune system, cell growth and strong bones! It is important to set aside time for sunlight. Our treasure hunts can be just the tool to assist, as they are based outside and take around 2 hours to complete.
    Wrap up in warm layers and get outside for a couple of hours with one of our treasure hunts, they will blow away the cobwebs and give you some fresh air!

  • 5. Fun Fun Fun...
    Some say that laughter is the best medicine, and our treasure hunts are bound to get you laughing. With our group packs, whether you choose a Corporate Pack, Hen/ Stag Pack, Party Pack or School treasure hunt Pack, we include an extra page of challenges themed for your event in the booklets! These can range from coming up with a funny team name to getting a complete stranger to sing happy birthday to a member of the team, you are bound to have a giggle or two!

Posted 11th January 2017, by Emily